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Former Menlo Park city attorney Jack Cosgrove dies at 85

Published Tuesday March 14

Photo: Almanacnews

John Russell-Cotes Cosgrove, who served as Menlo Park’s city attorney from 1985 to 1993, died on Feb. 24 after a quick illness. He was 85.

Mr. Cosgrove, known by most as Cos, handled the city’s lawsuits even before he became the city attorney, and, according to his longtime law partner, Jack Jorgenson, never lost a case in thirty years.

He was a genius, Mr. Jorgenson said. He was a superb lawyer. He had the ability to focus.

While Mr. Cosgrove did determine a few lawsuits, he never lost a case at trial, Mr. Jorgenson said. He was brilliant, he said.

He graduated 1st in his class from Stanford Law School in 1959.

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