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Cam McNab closes standout career at NDB

Published Tuesday February 28

Notre Dame-Belmont’s Cam McNab dribbles baseline in her final high school game Saturday against HMB.

Notre Dame-Belmont’s Cam McNab dribbles baseline in the person final high school game Sat against HMB.

Cam McNab just sounds like a baller’s name.

A senior at Notre Dame-Belmont, McNab has certainly lived up to the distinction of baller. In 4 years of varsity girls’ basketball with the Tigers, the big-play flex guard with the all-out hustle and knack for always finding a way to frustrate opponents has earned herself the praise of NDB head coach Joshua Davenport, who refers to that person as one of the best he’s ever seen in his 23 years with the program.

And historically, she’s the best 3-point marksman Davenport has coached at NDB, he said.

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